Holistic Health Training

Keto Diet Training MalaysiaOur CEO, Benjamin Drewe has been a practicing Medical Herbalist for 27 years and he offers his holistic health expertise for both individual and corporate training on many areas of herbal medicine and natural health. Some of his most popular holistic health talks and coaching programs here in Malaysia are:

Adapting to a Ketogenic, Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) or Paleo Diet in Malaysia
Ben can assist you to a deeper understanding on transitioning to a ketogenic or low carb lifestyle, especially dealing with the common challenges here in Malaysia. Going Keto with the huge variety of Asian foods available can be much easier when you know which foods will assist you and which foods to avoid to achieve long term weight loss and disease prevention.

Asia Botanicals Natural Health TrainingIncorporating Rainforest Herbs Coconut Health Products in your kitchen
Learn why making positive dietary changes is fundamental to health and how to cook fantastic gluten free, low carb dishes, desserts and treats for the whole family. While replacing regular supermarket vegetable oils with coconut oil is the 1st step, replacing processed flours, refined sugars and sweeteners with coconut flour, coconut sugar and coconut butter can take your low carb cooking adventure to the next level.

Taking full responsibility for your own health – because no one else will
Most chronic inflammatory diseases are fully preventable with lifestyle modifications and enhancing our innate healing ability. Only we can be responsible for activating this healing potential, via the pillars of health; diet, nutrition, exercise and stress management. Much of the health advice we’ve been given this past 50 years aims to keep us addicted to pharmaceutical medications or looking for the next magic pill (or so-called miracle health supplement), thus missing all the opportunities to enhance health that we have every second of the day. If you are at that point where you would like to take responsibility for your own health and embark on the path of complementary medicine, then Ben is the perfect guide to point you in the right direction.